CWI Warranty Policy

Before you make a purchase from CWI it is important for you to understand how our warranty works.

CWI offers 2 warranty standards and they are: As – Is and 30 Day.  The warranty coverage that applies to your purchase will be clearly marked in the description of the products offered by your sales representative or in the advertisement of the products online.

As – Is Warranty

The As – Is warranty offers the buyer no guarantee on the working condition or completeness of any of the products represented in the sale.  The buyer will have no rights or recourse for recovery of their purchase of products with an As – Is warranty.

30 Day Warranty

Within 30 days from the date your order is shipped your purchase is protected against equipment that you find defective or missing.  There are a few exceptions and they include defective or missing items that were clearly documented in the description of the sale.  The warranty does not cover equipment that is missing or defective that is not in your possession or represents a claim made by one of your customers.

You are entitled to refunds, repairs, exchanges, or credits for future purchase depending on the circumstances.  CWI will make the determination as to what is the most feasible remedy to resolve the warranty claim.